Having spent a life time connected with the sea one way or the other it was inevitable that my main interest in photography should be focused on the sea in its many forms, the shorelines that connect us to the sea and the water sports and activities that people enjoy on the sea.

The fact that I am privileged to live on Hayling Island with its many and various different environs  has meant I have been able to indulge my passion for capturing images and natural light in its many forms.

I am not a professional photographer and class myself as an opportunistic enthusiast that enjoys nothing more than wandering the shore lines of Hayling Island or floating around on its waters with camera in hand.

If I had to pigeon hole  myself it would be as a seascape and water sports photographer with ambitions to become a fine art photographer with all that this entails whilst at the same time being passionate about recording the environment of Hayling Island for all to enjoy.

I am happy using mobile phones, compact cameras plus full sized mirrorless cameras to achieve these goals.

Nearly all of my images are post processed to some extent as I believe the objective is always to produce something that is pleasing to the eye acknowledging that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder

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