Pictures to enjoy

As an opportunistic snapper of sun, sea, surf, good light and anything else that could put a smile on your face I have collected lots of images many of which should never see the light of day.

However there are some better ones and they don't have any value sitting on a hard drive and so I have attempted to gather some of them here to share with you and hopefully put a smile on your face

You will also find a folder of my efforts to produce abstract and fine art images which is still work in progress. This involved a steep learning curve with tripods and filters but is great fun.

In addition the Hayling Tide Lines folder is an ongoing project I  have to cover all the shore lines around Hayling and record images as i go    .

Galleries -

These  contain lots of lovely images for you to enjoy which hopefully have some connection to the title of the galleries


These lead onto more galleries for you to enjoy