The sea, sun and wind plus beautiful light and shadows are any photographer’s inspiration. Living on an island I have been lucky enough to be able to indulge in all of the above both on and off the water and also wandering the shorelines of Hayling Island. This has resulted in a collection of images that I hope you will appreciate and enjoy

Untitled photo

Hayling Island and its Tidelines

Many hours of wandering Hayling Island and its shorelines at all states of the tides and in all weathers are reflected in this folder - 

Hayling and its Tidelines

Waves, B&W, Fine Art & ICM

My photographic journey has led me into the world of fine art, abstract, ICM, black and white plus capturing the waves around Hayling. I have enjoyed making the camera see things that the human would not normally be able to register. This has required learning a number of new skills both in camera and post processing which I have enjoyed and understanding that the camera is just a means of collecting light whcih can then be manipulated 

The results of this work are to be found in this folder:

Waves, Fine Art, ICM and B&W


Sailing has always been an integral part of my life and so I enjoy capturing the sport and  its many faces particularly those  associated with Hayling Island and its long history sailing. The majority of my sailing images are to be found  amongst those on the Hayling Island Sailing Club photo gallery – HISC Photo Gallery

However there are some sailing shots here plus representation of all the other water sports that Hayling is renowned for – windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, gig rowing, kite foiling to name but a few. These can be found in the following folder


2023 Hayling Tide Lines - Low Tide and Sunset / Sunrise Guide & Calendar -is now available 

Contact me for details - £10.00 each with £2.00 from price being donated to the  RNLI